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Double Wall Aluminum Drink Bottles – Autumn Fitness

Looking for the perfect item to support your client and colleague’s fitness goals heading into the colder months? Lndovoz offers a diverse, versatile range of double walled aluminum drink bottles ideal for all activities including mountain biking, horse riding or just for the gym.

Our double walled aluminum drink bottles are available in an extensive range of colours, sizes and styles and are strong and durable. The double wall allows the drink bottles to double as a thermos which is perfect for the commute to the office on those chillier mornings. 

Check out our range of drink bottles



Reusable Coffee Cups

Reusable coffee cups are a fantastic eco-friendly, personable waste management solution that can have a serious impact on the environment. Over 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used yearly throughout offices and cafes and are largely unrecyclable.

Surprise your friends, clients and coworkers with a personalized gift this season with a reusable coffee cup selected from our diverse range of sizes and materials. These coffee cups are made from materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic and bamboo and can feature full wrap-around personalization with decorative patterns.

Our double-wall coffee cups are durable and designed to keep your coffee hot for longer durations of time whilst also being comfortable and easy to hold. To top it off, lots of café’s offer discounts when for customers who bring their own reusable coffee cup for tea or coffee and so a gift like this can help save money too!



Back to Work

Back to Work!

Its back to work time and at LNDOVOZ we can supply you with a range of Back to Work products including Safety Boots, Earplugs, Gloves and Jeans.


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LNDOVOZ can supply your Café

We have everything you need to supply and stock your café with high quality and needed supplies that will service and support the success of your business.

We stock an expansive range of high standard hospitality industry standard clothing that will suit the needs of your kitchen staff. The items in our range consist of aprons, hospitality shirts, microfibre shoes, scrubs, waiter’s aprons, and more. The clothes in this range are available to be custom printed with your business design or logo, making them perfect as staff uniforms.

We also specialize in a large range of kitchen, food and beverage promotional gear. We offer sample sachets that are available to be custom printed with your café logo, including gourmet coffee sachets, instant drink sachets, and hot chocolate sachets. These are a fun accessory to have available at your café tables. We stock custom printed herbal tea jars in all kinds of sizes. These would be suitable for your restaurant if you sell your own brand of tea. We stock reusable coffee cups that you can sell in your café printed with your company logo.

We offer many other useful promotional cafe accessories all available to be personalised with your custom logo such as wine holders, wine stoppers, bottle openers, barista equipment, frosted jugs, pint glasses, mugs, cups, tumblers, wine glasses, flutes, whiskey glasses, highball glasses, shot glasses, and more.

To keep your café up to date and equipped with hospitality industry standard gear and stylish, custom made promotional products and accessories, enquire with LNDOVOZ for your café today.


Click here to view our café range

Plastic Bag Ban - Victoria

The amount of plastic bags that contribute to landfill yearly is an increasing number – we all need to make the switch to reusable bags.

It has recently been announced that single use, light weight plastic bags will be banned Victoria wide, following South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory which already have effectively banned plastic bags, and Western Australia and Queensland who intends to enact their ban in 2018.

Plastic bags are being phased out by supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths, who have announced that they will phase out the use of plastic bags and replace them with reusable bags over 2018.

We stock a broad range of reusable bags at LNDVOZ that can be supplied to your business.

Our environmentally friendly Calico bags are just what you need to support the war on waste and can be customized with your corporate logo.

Our custom printed Calico bags are available in a range of different styles and sizes to suit your needs.

Short or Long Handles make carrying them easy and you have a walking billboard for your company every time your clients uses them. Reusable bags are very popular and a good "green" choice for promotional bags

We are here to fulfill all your reusable, environmentally friendly promotional product needs. Order with LNDOVOZ for your business today

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